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ID Card Printing in Rohini, Delhi

PVC ID cards are often given by the company to its employees. In this, the employees are fully identified. This ID also contains the employee's photo, address, employee's number, company address, and phone number. This ID card identifies the employee. It is used by all big and small companies. We do printing of ID cards in Rohini. We print all types of ID Cards, which include Plastic ID Cards, Embossing ID Cards and Laminated ID cards. Nowadays ID card has become necessary for the employees. We also print Aadhaar cards. We also have student ID cards printed, school, college, institute and medical cards are also printed as ID cards.

Plastics ID Card Holder in Rohini, Delhi

ID card holder is the material in which we maintain our identity. Pathak Printing and Advertising Deals in All Kind of ID Card Holders in Rohini, Delhi. Our ID card holders are of good quality and of different colors and forms. The demand for these ID cards is very high in domestic and international markets.

Lanyard Printing in Rohini, Delhi

Lanyard tells your company identity and all of your customers about your business brand. Lanyard is worn by all the employees and employees of a company around their neck. And if any employee or officer of the company meets the client through business work, then that customer recognizes you. We do printing at the lanyard. Our Lanyard and Lanyard printing is of good quality. And it lasts for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process of making ID card?

To make an ID card, first computer, designing software and printer is needed to do digital printing of the ID card. From which we get the ID card

2. How to get a PVC card?

We do printing of PVC card which is a plastic card. Our printing shop is in Sector 2, Rohini, Delhi

3. Can ID card be printed on paper?

The PVC card is made of a plastic metal. Pvc card is not good for fast deterioration, so PVC ID card is good for printing. But if you want to print on paper, then you can get it printed on paper as well. But the paper is a dissolving vastu and soon deteriorates.

4. I am not sure if my shared design is perfect for printing?

If you are not sure on the design of your shared or emailed PVC ID card, then before you print it, you share it in JPG picture format and confirm it only then it is printed.

5. Can a PVC ID card be printed in different sizes?

Yes, the PVC ID card also prints in different sizes.

6. Will I get a proof after receiving the order?

Yes, we pass a sample to finalize the order of the PVCID card.

7. Where is the PVC ID card used?

PVC ID card is more in employee and event.